Our Rights Related to Free Speech & Protest, US Government 101, and Writing to Our Senators about the Paris Climate Agreement

April 19, 2017

In our second monthly meeting, we welcomed some new faces interested in participating in positive actions to stay politically and civically engaged. A sign-up sheet was passed around so that those who are members of or in contact with other organizations such as ACLU, Swing Left, Planned Parenthood, etc. may pass along information, news, and events. The evening’s discussions centered on this month’s actions. Members of PAN are meeting on Saturday, March 22, 2017 to go downtown for the March for Science in Pershing Square. Danica shared information regarding rights related to free speech and protest (view the document here), and gave some tips on comfort and safety. Brandi presented an overview of US Government and Civics. There was a discussion on the opportunities to attend local representatives’ town hall meetings and the importance of having constituents’ voices heard. There was also a discussion on possible actions in May perhaps focusing on ICE actions and education or May Day marches. The meeting concluded with an action using Resistbot, an app that will convert texts to faxes to your local representatives. Messages were sent encouraging our senators to vote to keep the Paris Climate Agreement.