Looking Back/Forward Planning, Tax Plan Update, Net Neutrality Action

December 6, 2017

At our final meeting of 2017, we took time to look back at all we accomplished. 2017 was a crazy year, and every month (every day, really) we found new reasons to feel overwhelmed and helpless. However, members reported that participating in PAN regularly gave them hope and a sense of purpose. Members mentioned that the weekly emails and the educational focus at meetings was helpful and appreciated. The members present reported that participating in rallies and marches were some of their favorite outside actions, while having guest speakers, book discussions and personal stories were the most meaningful moments at meetings.

We used this information to look ahead to 2018. Members were in agreement that we should continue to hold monthly meetings, and interest was expressed in bringing even more diverse voices to the table (in membership and presenters). We talked of ways to branch out to other groups and shared many great ideas on how to focus our work moving forward. It was suggested that a small steering committee be formed to help address this. Overall, the members in attendance left on a positive note. It was agreed that even if (hopefully) the tides change and corrupt in power are ousted, we still need to remain active in our political community.