The History of the Environmental Movement in the US, Net Neutrality & Donald Trump Jr’s Contact with Russia During the Campaign

July 12, 2017

This month, we chose to focus on climate issues. Brandi, Chelsea, and Stephanie Del Barco prepared a presentation detailing the environmental history of the United States. The amount of information about the ways in which we have damaged our environment was at first startling and overwhelming, but generated some actionable steps about how we can reduce our carbon footprint:

  • If you own a home, you can look on the DWP website for rebates.
  • City Plants ( gives each household up to seven free shade trees that you can plant.
  • Catalog Choice allows you to opt out of mailings.
  • Engage with Citizens Climate Lobby (, a lobby organization pushing climate change legislation. Their proposal is to institute a fee on fossil fuels – at the source – to discourage use. The revenue will be returned directly to households, further benefiting citizens fiscally.

In response to our grave concerns about climate change, one of our actions this month will be to attend a screening of the film An Inconvenient Sequel as a group. This event will take place on Saturday, July 29th mid-day. Stay tuned for details about the location and time (released as soon as theaters post show times).

At our monthly meeting on July 12th, not only did we discuss environmental issues, but Danica also presented on net neutrality. Our monthly action was to participate in the “Net Neutrality Day of Action” by posting about this concerning threat to our freedom of speech on our social media channels and by signing the petition at

Our meeting was impressively attended on July 12th! 12 members strong in the middle of summer, it is clear that we, as the Political Action Network, are entering the second part of 2017 with a renewed sense of energy, a positive outlook, and conviction that we can and will make a difference.